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Originally Posted by ILSMKU View Post
KW V3s would be much better for DD. Clubsports are much more geared for track use. To be honest, for a DD, I would just get springs. You are going to loose all ride comfort with coils. They handled great, but the ride comfort was just crap on the KW v3 for me. I either bobbled headed down the road, or bottomed out. They clunked, clanked and just made noises I was not down with. I was never able to find a setting that was comfortable for DD use either.

That said, i don't think getting a softer spring will help at all. In fact, I think it cause them to bottom out even more. How about the KW sleeve option? Better yet, ground control solution is nicer than KWs sleeve kit if you ask me.

PS: Check out this guys KW sleeve kit review....

Good luck!

Oh the misinformation.

I personally have been running KW coils for years and have never experienced a single thing you said.

You certainly don't "loose all ride comfort with coils". Coilover springs and struts/shocks are matched to work together; unlike throwing a random spring onto a stock strut shock combo -which btw will likely kill them quickly given that the stock suspension has already very little travel and that you remove some/most of that travel with lowering springs.

As a matter of fact coilovers pretty much always ride better than mix and match springs/shocks/struts combo.

I have never heard a single clunk or odd noise on my KWs either. I'm also cannot believe you say you couldn't find a comfortable setting. The first thing that surprised me about the V3 is how smooth and stock-like they ride.

If you had such a poor experience, heard weird noises and "bottomed out" you probably had your car dumped and set up lower than KW's recommended settings and/or they were improperly installed.

They are some of the best coils on the market for a reason