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Originally Posted by Cdnrockies
Originally Posted by M3 Montreal View Post
I'm in the BMW app so can't tell where you're from but I went to a local Ford dealership in Montreal.

I knew I could get about 4k off because I went to the GT500 forums.
That's because dealership's up here aren't legally allowed to mark up vehicles like they are down in the States.

Being a domestic, this may be a rare occasion where picking one up here and then moving it down south might work in the US buyers favor. Bases at $62K...will be just shy of $70K including Track Pack, Recaros and tax.
I did say 4 k OFF MSRP right so even if they can't markup they marked it down... How does that make sense.

And yes they can still get away with marking up ... If you don't remember the original GTR was marked up by dealerships that hadn't presold and promised them to clients.

What they do is they use it as a demo and can sell a used car at any market price they can get for it. That's exactly what happened to the GTR here in Montreal.
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