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Originally Posted by roastbeef
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You drove a new ZL1? I'm not talking about an SS. All reviews I've read is that it's amazing on the track and extremely civil on the road. Best of both worlds for that person that wants a fun powerful car for DD and weekend track junky.
a little off topic, but i drove a 2012 camaro SS and i was completely disgusted with it, the thing was really slow and felt really big, with huge blind spots. all around terrible, absolute garbage.
i wanted to look into the ZL1, but i was completely turned off after driving a SS.
I've been following all news from camaro5 forums for the ZL1 and the gt500 forums for the ford.

So far hardly any news on the ford about how it handles and drives on the track other than the HP, TQ and 1/4 mile 0to60 times.

The ZL1 has tons of editor reviews on the racetrack. The ZL1 is to the camaro SS what the 323 is to the M3.

Yes it's that far off from all the reviewers. They say to NOT compare the SS at all to the ZL1 as its not 1 notch above an SS it's 5 notches.

A friend of mine ordered a ZL1 so I will be able to give a hands on street review of it in June that I am eagerly looking forward to.
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