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Originally Posted by wisesoul View Post
Let me shed some light on this. Tsuchiya has driven the M3 many times before to its full potential, even to victory, but this one is definitely an anomaly. The tires were most likely already worn since its a press car. They had to do time attack laps, where the M3 did well, but at the expense of the tires. Time attack on Best Motoring usually is around 3-5 laps, and they do this race afterwards. At this point, I'd imagine the M3's tires are already shot before the race even begins. Tsuchiya is left with no choice. Look at past challenges, you will see that Keiichi is no noobie that can't extract the M3's potential. He sure can, but on this day and in those conditions, the M3 they got was not up to the task.
I'm not saying that this guy can't drive. I am saying that he didn't drive this race very well. I mean look at the launch; he bangs 1st for a little to long lol. Plus I am not impressed with his track line. It is what is it, he took 3rd and disappointed us all. Anyways, happy motoring.