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Fantastic write-up-- really "captures" the experience. I would though strenuously disagree with the guy that said PCD is "better" than Euro Delivery. I did both this year-- ED of a M3 Cabrio in Jan (also Jerez/Bamboo) and then PCD in March. And although I'd agree with any and all recommendations to do PCD of a new BMW-- to me-- it's nothing even remotely comparable to Euro Delivery-- which was an adventure of a lifetime that I can hardly wait to again!

PCD gives you something you could always get for some cash-- a chance to drive and get instructed at BMWs facilities in their BMWs. Euro Delivery, OTOH, gives you the chance to drive your M3 at M3 speeds on incredible roads-- designed for those speeds-- with incredible scenery more safely than you'll ever be able to do otherwise.

Fortunately, one can do both, so the comparison is moot.

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