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Originally Posted by Caspian View Post
I don't think the tie to the previous logo border necessarily excludes the center being a representation of a propeller. They didn't describe the thought process going in to the blue and white, just stating that they were the Bavarian national colors.

Why not horizontal or vertical stripes? Why not the diamond shapes often used in Bavaria?

Unless there is a documentation of the process of developing the new logo, we can't state definitively where the inspiration came from. I think there is still a good chance it was inspired by a propeller.
I thought the same thing as I watched the video. However, a quick google of the Bavarian flag showed a blue and white checkered pattern, thus supporting the pattern of the BMW roundel logo. It makes sense, in fact. I believe no further explanation was made in the video as the historian likely assumes that by stating the intent to use the Bavarian national colors, that viewers would already know what the flag looked like as well.

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