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Originally Posted by I M STIG
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I'd like to see how it transitions. I find cars nowadays are getting better on lateral G but a track will have transitions and bumps.

I don't think the rear suspension can handle anything but the smoothest road surfaces.

Until they put that beast of an engine in a better chassis with IRS I would pass on it as it still a straight line car.

My 08 M3 was stolen and I rented a 2013 mustang GT for a few weeks. I was VERY disappointed with its handling. The engine was great but it can't handle bumps at all. It bounces way too much in the back.

Wait for the new chassis that will come out with IRS. I think then it will be a contender for track use.

That's my opinion and I came VERY close to picking one up when mine was stolen but in the end I ordered a 2012 M3 because I hated the bounciness and terrible transitioning.

I would buy the Camaro over the GT500 as its proven to handle extremely well on the track and has plenty of power for street use. My problem with the camaro is its weight.

I think the next gen Mustang and Camaro will be amazing. I would hold off unless you prefer drag racing.

The gt500 does 0 to 60 in first gear which helps on that amazing time.
The Camaro, while a tad more comfortable in the rear, is a piece of shit by comparison. Drive both cars for a week and you'll enjoy the lighter weight, nicer interior, and the overall ability to see out of the Mustang much better.

I had an '08 Bullitt Mustang, and I honestly don't understand what you guys are talking about. The rear end wasn't perfect over bumps, especially when it corners, however it wasn't as bad as anyone's making it out to be. I also had a 2011 GT for a week with the Brembos, 3.73 with LSD, etc. and I found the car to be fantastic. It was not as good as my M3, but it was better than a Corvette for every day use, as well as a cross-country tourer.

The Mustang is more car than people give it credit. The solid rear axle is no snake charmer, but it's certainly good enough for any sort of use.

I haven't driven the Boss on or off track, so I can't comment there.

And while we're being honest, for those who don't like the plastics of the Mustang, have you seen what happens to a $70,000+ M3 after 30K miles?! The steering wheel and grab handle trim comes off on your fingers, the seats make noises when getting out of the car, the whole interior rattles like it's a damn Cadillac CTS. That's atrocious!

So for those talking shit about the Mustang, remember that our M3s are not perfect, and for the money, aren't as good as they could be.
You drove a new ZL1? I'm not talking about an SS. All reviews I've read is that it's amazing on the track and extremely civil on the road. Best of both worlds for that person that wants a fun powerful car for DD and weekend track junky.

I actually didn't find the interior ugly on the 2013 mustang GT I had. The new front lights and rear tail lights are a huge improvement over the previous model. I also loved how you can change the colors of the exterior part of your dash to any color plus the middle to another color. That was just a cool and great option that really impressed me.

Roads in Montreal (due to snow an salt in winter) are very bad and I found the suspension VERY VERY bad even my GF commented how she hated it.

My 2011 S4 is a MUCH better handling car.

Like I said I was really thinking of replacing my 08 M3 with the new GT500 but after having the mustang GT I decided on sticking with the M3 and reordered a 2012.

I'm sure the GT500 suspension should be better that the GT but I still can't see it being as good as the comp package M3 that I went for.

I will wait for the next chassis mustang with IRS and pass on this model.
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