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TWD presents Valencia Orange BMW 1M & Wolf's Chemicals Products

Car: 2011 BMW 1M in Valencia Orange (thanks to Zuzu)

Products & Procedures:

Step 1. Full wash & Clay to clean paint work.

Step 2. Apply Wolf's Chemicals Shine & Seal Nano Sealing Polish

We used this to 'jewel' the paintwork. Joe's car needed no paint correction work, but we used this product to further clean the paintwork. Immediately, we added shine and the paint looked wet and felt glossy.
This is a 2-in-1 product. It polishes (very minor/finishing) and seals the paintwork. Apparently, we're looking at 6 months alone just using this product.

So this is after WC Shine & Seal only:

Step 3. Apply Wolf's Chemicals Body Wrap Nano Sealant.

This is done by hand only via applicator pads, couple of drops per panel.

We apply to the left side of the bonnet:

Quick water beading test - no products used:

Quick water beading test - Shine & Seal AND Body Wrap used:

What's the difference? Notice the beading on the sealed side.
What can you see? Well, look at the shape of the water beads. This is hydrophobic beading, ie water wants to leave the surface as quickly as possible (also consider gravity and panel slope angle).

I can't upload the video of the water sheeting test, because the file is too big. Joe has seen the video, but it did look more or less like this one (obviously you need to compare panel slope angle (1M vs Porsche Cayman) but you get the idea:

Here are some shots of the roof from ALL angles after Body Wrap applied:

Some other parts of the car after Body Wrap applied:

We took it out for a photoshoot last night. I will post some of these pictures up soon.

But now, some day light shots from today:

Final Comments:

It's SUPER glossy.
It's wet looking.
But most of all, the Orange looks deeper and rich and that's the first thing the owner noticed. That is also a function of the wet look. If you put water on your paintwork, it tends to look deeper.
The Body Wrap added a LOT of gloss to this paintwork and it felt very very slick.
We are looking at around 12 months protection for this, but let's see how it goes
The only downside to the Body Wrap is its difficult application process (compared with other sealants). Triple checks are needed to ensure there is not smearing and residue left over.

Finally, here are a couple of photos from Leon Sidik Photography (more to follow):