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Originally Posted by stefan View Post
Parm @ Motorwerkes is good, as well as Aaron @ Vitek. Problem is your timing, everyone and their dog are fixing up their summer vehicles. Might want to just rent a lift for a day at one of those places, I think they are like $20/hr or something.
Parm is definitely a master mechanic, he is also a personal friend. Aaron definitely seemed like a great guy to work with on a project when I talked with him over the phone. I think I have found a solution though.

Originally Posted by Cdnrockies View Post
What about Tunerworks?
Riegel Tuning is the installation side of things over at TunerWorks.

Originally Posted by redline9001 View Post
Regal/Tunerworks more then likely included a wheel alignment. Which would add to the cost and you will know that it gets done right.

They did my spring install and I did not think the cost was out of line with what I have seen other places.
Maybe you got a good deal?

I will not say how much the final price was but it was definitely well over $1500. Everyone else gave me good prices with alignment also.

Originally Posted by Prince_of_Persia View Post
Any luck so far James?
User; Taunto (Justin) messaged me on here last night and he works at a shop in Red Deer, I don't mind the drive. He is going to let me know if we can go ahead with this or not, on Monday. I will update the post accordingly.

Also, what the hell is going on with your car bro?! I hope it gets fixed soon.