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Originally Posted by saildoc View Post
Now that the M3 is gone I went to the local Porsche dealer to look at a Cayman R. That is a slick car-like driving a highly refined go cart. Most fun I ever had in a street car. Then just for kicks jumped in a 991 S, not as impressed. It was nice. Felt numb and isolated compared to the Cayman. Couldn't hear the engine at all...weird that I would miss it. No comparison, if you want to be involved with the care the Cayman R has set a new standard... just put in to buy one out of state..
I feel the same way after driving the same P cars back to back...I didn't think the driving experience was worth the price differential.......for those looking for a DD (and not tracking at all) you could consider a Cayman S with the optional LSD and it will have more comforts , cost a bit less and be close to the Cayman R in performance. Not sure whats going on with NEW 2012 models (no availability here in NJ), as I was told I needed to wait for new model coming out in a year from summer. I placed a small deposit and saw there were several people ahead on the list. It really looks like the dealers do not get enough cars as I frequently here they run out....