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Originally Posted by kaiv View Post
Well to each their own I guess. I definitely have more fun in my M3 (and I'm a die hard track fanatic). Hell I think a well setup and dialed in E46 M3 is a better/more fun car than the 997.1. Maybe I was thrown off by the balance and am simply not used to the car. In any case I found the engine unexciting even at WOT and the lack of mechanical limited slip is a complete turn off.
I agree with a lot of what you said, but the 997.2 does get you a mechanical limited slip diffy if it is selected (which is a mistake right there, I mean Mustangs come with LSD's standard).

I do think a lot of it is the car feels so much different than a front engined car, once you get used to it you learn to use it to your advantage. Where the M3 always seems to be looking for traction coming out of the corner, the PCar just sticks.

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