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Originally Posted by KKM3 View Post
It seems as though everyone on this forum has the same train of thought when it comes to the 911. If it ain't a turbo or a gt3 it ain't a sh**. The 997.2 c2s will surprise most m3 drivers especially when gunning it at speeds over 80mph it will destroy our m3s, especially when equipped with pdk. I for one feel more confident in the handling of my 911 than I do with my m3. The amount of grip you get in the Porsche is just insane where as in the m3 ur slipping and sliding all over the place when stabbing the throttle. Don't sell the standard 911 911s short they are ultimately more rewarding and more fun to drive than an m3.
Well to each their own I guess. I definitely have more fun in my M3 (and I'm a die hard track fanatic). Hell I think a well setup and dialed in E46 M3 is a better/more fun car than the 997.1. Maybe I was thrown off by the balance and am simply not used to the car. In any case I found the engine unexciting even at WOT and the lack of mechanical limited slip is a complete turn off.