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Originally Posted by Malekreza11 View Post
This isn't exactly correct.

The stock M3 subframe bushings are in fact soft bushings in comparison to what they should be for a car with its weight and power delivery. The E9x M3 exhibits massive torque shock from the drivetrain and it also has a very effective rear suspension system that yields a lot of grip. That large drive force will deflect the factory bushings.

Squeezing bushings in ones hand is not an indicator of how effective a bushing is.

Having solid sub-frame bushings will minimally increase NVH. It is the changing of engine mounts, trans mounts and differential mounts that increase NVH drastically and deteriorate drive-ability. The new M5 has solid bolted rear sub-frame along with the GTS and CRT M3's.

Im sorry but i dont agree..its quite the opposite...differntial mounts are more forgiving..but solid rear subframe bushings will greatly impact NVH and ride quality..the entire movement of the rear end of the car is transmitted thru the rear subframe

Not challenging your expertise but I have ridden in both stock 335 bushings, M3 bushing and solid delrin i am speaking from my experience..perhaps the factory setups you speak of are different as I only experienced aftermarket