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Originally Posted by APDspider View Post
Hi guys,

First time poster, my father is actually the owner of the car. He's had the car 2 weeks, and twice already, when he starts the M3 he can't get reverse. He also noticed that he's only got 2,4,6 gear... 1-3-5 and R is missing. He gets the following message:

"TRANSMISSION MALFUNCTION : Limited gear selections possible. Continued driving is possible. Drive moderately. Have the system checked by the nearest BMW center."

He has to turn off the car and restart it like 9-10 times before the message goes away and he can drive normally. Sucks when you need to back out of a parking spot. Anyway, he took a picture of the message and drove it to BMW. Car has 300 miles. They cannot find anything wrong with it. They claim to have never heard of such problems.

Any input?
Sounds like an issue with one of the clutches not engaging. Hopefully it's only a software glitch, but that needs to be evaluated. He may have some serious issues with the transmission.