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Originally Posted by Dave07997S View Post
I loved my 997.1S, just like the E92 M3 better. Now if we are talking 997.2S different ball game, but it wouldn't be enough for me to switch. Now I am just trying to get my finances in order to get into a 991S,

I don't agree with you that everyone on this forum thinks the only decent 911 is a GT3 or turbo, its just the difference in performance isn't all that great until you get into a GT3 or Turbo for a 997.1 or .2, especially for the amount of money you spend.

My 07 997S

I hear what ur saying but jumping into a 991 may not make a lot of sense for several reasons, the biggest being $$$. The driving experience isn't as intimate as its predecessor and te entire car just feels bigger and less connected to the driver. It actually feels more like our m3's which may be a good thing but you lose the small sporty feel you get with the 997. I also prefer hydraulic steering over the electric system in the new car. Don't get me wrong the new car is beautiful inside and out but it just doesn't thrill or excite the same way my 997 does. I had the chance to buy a 997.1 turbo but I did not like all wheel drive or the turbo charged motor. I preferred a proper na aspirated engine rear wheel drive set up in the standard car. It's still plenty fast and can easily run side by side with cars that have 450 to 500hp. I've driven the gt3 and the gt3rs which is by far the best car I've ever driven. I dreamt about it for weeks after I drove and was set on buying one. But I came to my senses, realizing that I live in la and I'd be a complete moron to drive one out here. I'm quite content with my Porsche. If I had to give up one, it would definately be the m3 but it wouldn't be easy to let it go. I really love that car too.

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