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Originally Posted by lenzm3edan View Post
Mods please close this thread, you are all talking about racing a G35/G37. two different cars in different class. The G series is an excellent car for it's class, if one has to prove to that an E9X is faster and is happy they beat up on a G35/37 then shame on you. I encounter alot of G35/37 and none have tried to race me.

Hey man, you don't have to read this thread if you disapprove of it, I find it very informative. I've had my M3 three years now and the only cars that I have killed/crushed/embarrassed/destroyed/obliterated/or sent home crying to their little sister;so far are Smart cars, Corrollas, and a ford Ranger(car with flatbed). I didn't know our cars can also kill G35/37s. I'll look for some to kill later today on my 1/2 mile drive home from work!

So mods, please keep this thread alive for it's informative contribution, thank you.
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