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Originally Posted by LateBraking View Post
and my speed through sectors of tracks (accuracy seems somewhat dependent on the points of interest created by the creator of the track maps you download) which looks something like this:
I think this is the part where having a faster GPS unit helps. You get more of those points, each with your coordinate and speed. And I bet external GPS have better accuracy as well.

I think the points of interest (like the turn names/numbers) are just there as a reference for you. The only thing that is crucial is the coordinates of the start finish line, so that HLT can create lap time data. All the rest (speed, position) are just recorded GPS readings.

In fact, if you get out of the track, or do a shortcut and come back to track, you will see that on the google maps as well.

Below pics are taken from HLT's website:

LEFT: iPhone's internal GPS RIGHT: External GPS
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