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Originally Posted by von_zoom View Post
Seems to be getting a little more imvolved than downloading the program. Now, as I understand it, in addition to the program, the mount, and the iphone 4S, I will need (or simular to) a Emprum Ult. GPS unit, and a PLX KIWI device. The $9.00 app (or is the Pro recommended instead) has suddenly gone to $260.00 plus/minus. Am I correct?
I'm slow, but getting there. Thanks for the input.
Not really, I tested Harry's app with lap timing at a track back-to-back and with the iPhone 4's internal GPS time deviation was about 0.1-0.2 seconds, so a Emprum unit (I actually used TomTom until support was dropped for it) and KIWI are not strictly necessary.

Emprum will just increase the lap timing accuracy, and KIWI will simply add data such as brake and throttle positioning information to your video overlays. With just the iPhone and a suction camera mount that I got at Target, (the TomTom is now just an expensive paperweight), I am able to get fairly accurate lap timing, data on G's being pulled through the iPhone's internal accelerometer (AFAIK there's no upgrade to this), and my speed through sectors of tracks (accuracy seems somewhat dependent on the points of interest created by the creator of the track maps you download) which looks something like this: