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Originally Posted by Motif View Post
Did have the title. Henderson KO'd him during his 1st defense.
Yes that was a while ago and there's a lot of talk whether he's ready for another shot. I think he's definitely up there now.

Originally Posted by jasonX View Post
I'm just gonna leave this here

That's gold!

Originally Posted by escobar929 View Post
lol thats hilarious!

did anyone see his so called apology before his management company took it down?

the first two paragraphs were all me, me, me, me, people hate me, me, me, me

what a bunch on BS, and he has the nerve to wonder why most people dont like him. it has nothing to do w/ his success or how easy he makes it look sometimes but rather how fake he comes across.

like when he said this

or in the bud light commercial

I respect his skill in the cage but as a person, not so much
I saw it

I don't know why he doesn't just be himself. He seems like a decent guy, I'm sure everyone will see that. There's nothing wrong with being cocky/confident especially if you have the skills to back it up. He wants to be perceived as humble at the expensive of not being genuine. No doubt he'd have a stronger fan base this way. This sport is as real as it gets, if we wanted to watch something fake we'd watch wwe!