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Von Zooming VIR!

Following Arter's VIR thread, I have my videos from running with the First Settlers PCA at VIR...and been self-absorbed and demanding to be the center of attention, I started my own thread!

This was my second trip to VIR, and I couldn't wait to get back there after last year's inaugural trip ( The First Settlers PCA run a good event and make everyone feel welcome with the atmosphere and Saturday night grill.

I was running with the Blue Group and was assigned our very own "Von Zoom" as an instructor. "Doc" was outstanding. I have had several excellent instructors to date, but none has shown as much commitment to me as a student as Doc did over the weekend. From the get go, he checked my set-up, my driving position, my mirrors...and told me to stop f**king about with heel-toeing until I was much smoother on the brakes! Doc took me out several times on Friday and Saturday and even jumped in on a parade lap to discuss the track and which parts you need to be very careful of that you wouldn't necessarily notice when traveling at speed. At the end of the weekend, I was significantly smoother, faster and more confident - by 10-12 seconds/lap judging by YouTube video. I was also tormenting a light blue GT3RS for most od Saturday and Sunday! There is still work to do, but I drove away from VIR on Monday a much better track driver than when I clattered and squealed through the gate on Thursday night (I have PFC-01 pads!) I am happy to pimp Doc out to anyone going to VIR for future trips!

Thanks, Von Zoom! You did a great job!

I am running on 275/35/18 Nitto NT-05's, RPi scoops, aFe intake and filter, PFC-01 pads and Eibach springs. I would also recommend upgrading to Castrol SRF fluid if you are using Ate Gold/Blue. The pedal feel so much better and never a hint of fade throughout the weekend.

Anyway, here's the films from the weekend. The HLT films of my best laps are in Arter's thread. The cabin video is with a Contour HD, the bumper cam is my old GoPro mounted with a drilled out case. Unfortunately, the mic saturates at high revs. I will use the closed case in future.

Session 2 on Saturday with Von Zoom riding along:

Session 2 on Sunday running solo (with some post production!). I expect feedback on the music!

Session 3 on Sunday running solo (bumper cam):