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Originally Posted by besiktas View Post

Is this a good one? it would be great if someone using a ram mount currently could chip in on model suggestion.
I think the best mount is this:

BUT, it is not in production yet.

Originally Posted by OC3 View Post
Will the iPhone 4 with Emprum Utilmate GPS plugged in clear Ram Mount AP9U cradle?
Looking at the picture of the amazon link, yes it should clear.

Originally Posted by besiktas View Post
it would be nice to have a continuous (multi-lap) overlayed version where it can list your lap times on top right corner or just show the best and the last. (like in need for speed )

Thanks again
It sort of does that. It shows your lap times after every time you pass the start/finish line. And it has a countdown timer from your best lap, so you know how much time you have left to make the last corner There were some more info on the display, but I couldn't pay too much attention.
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