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Originally Posted by MRSSIIM3 View Post
the funny thing is that 40 year old was probably sitting at home like uhh uhh these 20 year olds are hating on me idk what to do!

hey nine if youre reading this, hope you enjoy your life with your GUCCI and OTHER SHIT YOU REP
The funny thing is, I'm 28. again, reading comprehension. Why would I be hating, to be honest, I could lease a GT3 or GT-R tomorrow, I really have no reason to be 'hating' or even be jealous. I actually would bet that you guys are 'hating' by trash talking like a couple of kids. Again, my life is good, what does you have that I want...nothing.

How old are you? You sound and post like you are 14. Next time you are in Miami or NYC, hit me up, I will show you the good life - and it's a bit sad to see you guys stayed in front of the computer for so long.

Originally Posted by mrkhanna16 View Post
Its not about the watches price.....You clearly don't understand the significance of getting something like that from a company.
Edit:its cuz ur persian and all u car about is money....i forgot....GUCCI, CHANEL, PRADA
Still talking trash, I can tell by your posts that you are either still in college or not currently working in corporate america. That is the difference between you and me. While you are selling jerseys online, I'm in the business world, where CEOs, VPs and CFOs, drive up in toyotas and wear timex watches. Obviously, you have no idea what this concept is as you are a self proclaimed 'trust fund baby'. "My trust fund is bigger than yours" - do you even read your own posts. Don't you have some jerseys to sell, some crappy mods to unload?

Originally Posted by mrkhanna16 View Post
what does nine even mean? does he have nine lives, cuz he's a pussycat????
Wow, the concept of screen names escapes you too...Given your screen name, I'm not sure you can really call anyone out. Would you rather my name be: Mr.Bobby12823298....

For a couple of guys who proclaim to be ballers, your posts sure seem ghetto.

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