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Originally Posted by von_zoom View Post
After watching the videos using Harry's Lap Timer, I went down to the cell phone store. I am about to purchase the i Phone 4 S, DataPro 3GB. Will I need anything else, other than the App and some kind of mount to hold the cell phone for the video. The system looks great.
You don't necessarily need the ODBII wi-fi link for Harry's LT app to work. It does however allow for the engine data to be tracked and overlaid on the video. Unfortunately, Apple is very selective about what it Bluetooth connects to for OBDII and GPS. See the Harry's Lap Timer homepage for information

If you have a Droid phone, you can connect to cheaper higher accuracy GPS units and use the Trackmaster app:


You can collect engine data on Droid using the Torque app and a cheaper Bluetooth OBDII connection. That is what I was using for shift lights at the weekend. I don't know if Trackmaster supports OBDII data to get rev/gear data on the video overlay.

Anyway, something to check on before spending $400 on an i-phone and i-phone compatible gadgets if you already have a Droid

[Ask me how I know all this! Fortunately, I wasn't too much out of pocket and the gizmos still work with my "disconnected" Droid. LOL! You forget that without the cell service, these smart phones still allow the apps to work. We are so used to throwing old phones in a drawer and not using them. Smart phones still work as standalone computers!]