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Originally Posted by robbiedawg View Post
good question- i generally believe that oem stuff is best for a car that's been this carefully designed.however,sometimes there's something better.i wouldn't use anything else without checking carefully and getting a high comfort level.i'm new to the car,so was just wondering since i'll also be off warranty soon.
what got me thinking about it is that in my nsx,my mechanic (an nsx specialist who worked for acura for many years,had special nsx training from them, and who works on a number of nsx's now on a regular basis) recommends gm syncromesh for the mtl,and the car shifts beautifully.
The only aftermarket fluid I use is brake fluid as its better to use higher temp fluids for that because it resists degreadation better..but when it comes to trannys and diffs unless you are running after market units its best to stick to OEM as it maybe more susceptible to differences in viscosity and additives no matter how slight..and I just dont see the need to go aftermarket on this