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Originally Posted by MRSSIIM3 View Post
Bro you of all people should know about how retarded Persian Americans act. I'm Lebanese Armenian so I feel you on the USA hate but come on Persians are the farthest thing from Arabs like us.

If you grew up around money mr Egypt you wouldn't be calling them spoile silver spoons. I obviously know what side you were on during that Egypt Mubarak shit last year. If you were in his position what would you have done???????
Im not trying to spark an ethinc war or a political one..Persians have their views unfortuntaly they live in a ultra-repressive society and dont have most of the freedoms that Egyptians or Lebanese nationals do..You dont think that shapes the way a group of people think?

As I said earlier I have humble beginnings..I didnt grow up around money far from it..My whole family is from villages my grandmother and grandfather were illiterate yet their ONLY goal in life was to make sure their children (my parents) were educated..and my parents passed that on to us..AND I thank them for it...if you wanted something you worked for it..nothing was just handed to you

You know what I got for graduation?... A job

So if anyone is the real peaseant here its me..but as the saying goes the sweet is never sweet w/o the sour and thats all Im saying value things when you work for them..not when they are handed to you for no reason.