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Originally Posted by Nine View Post
And I was just sticking up for VP M3, the second poster. The fact of the matter is that life isn't fair, we all have different sources of income but one way or another we attain our goals or what we percieve as our rewards.

I sympathize with the 49 yearold who refused to go to a photoshoot with a 23 yearold who just recieved an M3 as a gift, an Individual NEW M3 no less. This is baller status.

Just to give an example to the younger guys who may have trouble grasping this concept. Let me give you a little perspective and maybe you will gain a different angle.

Once you graduate you will enter into an organization, a law firm, bank, hedge fund, tech company, is often the case that these companies will have rewards for service. For example at LMCO (Lockheed) it is common to recieve a Rolex for 20 years of service. Now if you worked twenty years to earn that 8-10k Rolex, it would be difficult to see that same reward (8-10k), awarded to a person who turned 18 or graduated from college...that is because the trials and tribulations that you will encounter over the life of your working career far out weight any challenges you may have seen while in school or under your parent's financial shelter.

While I am in my 20s, I certainly grasp that concept, I do find it annoying when I hear about a 70k graduation gift. Is it my business, NO. But I think I'm entitled to bitch about it, since I had to work my ass off to afford a good life and a 70k car.

I might have said hmm this 50 year old Persian dude has a point but you're 28 lol you're as young as us you loser guy