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Originally Posted by tibra1 View Post
Dont know why you guys brought nationality into this but since you have...Persian and what?..

Egyptian born here..middle eastners are well suited for this life and for good reason..try growing up where war, starvation, and despair are the norm

Like I said you Amercians have no only expect good things for yourselves..when the rest of the world expects nothing but bad..only they arenít disappointed by it..

A bunch of spoiled silver spoons

Bro you of all people should know about how retarded Persian Americans act. I'm Lebanese Armenian so I feel you on the USA hate but come on Persians are the farthest thing from Arabs like us.

If you grew up around money mr Egypt you wouldn't be calling them spoile silver spoons. I obviously know what side you were on during that Egypt Mubarak shit last year. If you were in his position what would you have done???????