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Originally Posted by Nine View Post
I just saw this.... I'm 28.

I'm going to see F1 in Montreal, how is that not cool?? Honestly, how can you make Formula 1 not cool, Tiesto, Guetta will both be there.

Ferraris, Racing, (not to mention the women of Canada) - how can you make that not cool?

Bro tell me you're going to some exclusive ass event or that you're racing alongside at the Monaco GP but attending Montreal GP? Lollll troll

The event is cool but nobody reps it in the context you did. If you were trying to make a point you'd say you were one of the founders that made the Dubai GP possible or some shit like that. Not peasant "I might go to a GP in Canada"

Nonetheless the GP is sick and anyone going should be happy and have a good time. Not hating on that but hating on this Persian wanna be