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Originally Posted by NewhouseEnt View Post
I can assure that this is exactly what's going to hapen. The 2010 M3 is going to be twin turbo.. right after you spend nearly $70k on the 09' you couldn't wait to buy... AND it will have about 45-60hp more.
They won't mess with the E92 M3 engine too much. I doubt that they will mess too much with the E92 M3 CSL either. You heard the guy: he's saying their main exploration with the CSL was to see how much people would be willing to pay for LESS weight not more hp. So, FI might be considered for the next generation M3, depending on what happens in F1 and so on as the guy's saying...And if they were to mess with the E92 M3 engine by turbocharging it, you'd see much more than 45-60 hp gains.