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Originally Posted by ShutterFreak View Post
Besides this whole thread turning into a pissing contest, I wish we were as well off to have my parents buy me a brand new M3 I dont see anything wrong with parents doing so for their kids, but really its the attitude of the kids that ruins it for everyone. Dont act like you bought it with your own money when you never did (not a shot at OP, just general statement). IDK, all I know is in order for me to get my M3 one day (my dream car at the moment) Im going to have to work my ass off for it, cause noone aint handing me shit.

Im happy for all your guys success and would give anything to have that one day. As for now, I live week by week hoping to save up enough change to use the bus
Dont agree,,the worst thing you can do is buy your "child" an expensive car..why?..They never learn how to value it..the prinicple of how to work hard for their possessions .. false sense of entitlement..etc etc

16 yrs old bought my first car with my own money and its how I've been able to value all my possessions ever since..