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Originally Posted by Alex07M3 View Post
Well , I've driven a 09 STI for the past 3 years before buying my M3 and I never felt more in a rally car then in any of my Audis! Just because some peolple race those car in the rally does'nt mean the production model is close to a rally car , even with that horrendous wheel gap I woudl'nt dare take a jump with the stock suspensions and wheels, I think I had that same gap on my A4 and my TT! As for the short gears, not worst then any 6speed 4cyl. , in fact I'm pretty sure a rally car does'nt get to 155mph while the STI does. As for the power delivery that is falling after 100mph, any 4cyl will do that, specially an AWD one! And finally, the differential settings, I think Mitsubishi offers that in the Outlander!

IMO the STI is just a road car with some rally inspirations, not different then every Audi , it's not even close to be rally prep! It surely helps Subaru selling cars to associate the STI with rally but I'm a 100% sure those cars are built for normal use on normal roads! If you don't think so, try to find a STI review that took place on a rally course!

There are many reviews that occured on dirt roads, I'm now worried that you have not spent enough time on And I think you just completely skimmed over this thing called Rallycross, which many owners take mostly stock STIs into dirt.

I'm actually offended, as an ex STI owner that you would equate the differential settings in an Outlander to that in the STI. This almost makes me question whether you owned an STI or not. The STI's differential setting would allow for Full Lock, Full Open and 3-4 partial lock settings, to the point that you can move the biases of the power from front to back, lock moving the power breakdown closer to 50-50 rather than the 40F-60R. Full open, would alow for easier drifts and unhindered rear wheel spin.

equating the inverted suspension style of an STI to a TT just plainly illustrates to me that you didn't know all of the rally cues that the STI picked up from it's world rally brother.

One day you will see the light. If Subaru wanted to make a road car, at inception they wouldn't live or produced cars within the confines of the WRC regulations or cues.