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Cool The 2012 BMW M Festival Experience, via M Flight Members

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Some of the ///M Flight members had the opportunity to attend the 2012 M Festival at the Nurburgring during the 24hr Race (18-20 May 2012).

The first day started for us driving out of Pentagon Car Sales location in Ramstein-Miesenbach at around 1030 on 18 May 2012. Around 1200 we reached the Nurburgring and parked all our Ms in the M Parking garage. From there M Shuttle took us to the M Gallery where at 1300 we were welcomed by Brian Watts (BMW Worldwide Marketing manager), Sarah Wild (MC) and Claudia Hurtgen (BMW Motorsports race driver). Claudia gave us a briefing on an upcoming M Corso at 1630 where 180 M drivers paraded on around the entire ring. All attendees also received a welcome packet (M jacket, M hat, M ear plugs, M shirt - "I M Fan").

From there all of us made the way to the M Parking garage to get the Ms and drove over to the Ring public entrance/parking. Before the start of the M Corso all the attendees had an opportunity to check out other attendes cars, share their thoughts, brag about modification, etc. Some of us even got to be interviewed about our cars. However, there were almost all M models ever made to include M3s/M5s/M6 and even M1 and some of the wanna be Ms like 1Ms (just joking - I love that car). Few of M3 CRTs and M3 GTS were present as well as the new M6 Pace car. M Corso itself was controlled by the M6 and M3 pace cars, where we were not allowed to go fast and pass each other. However, it was still a very good experience. After M Corso we checked in our hotel and got ready for the M Night that started at 1830. Highlights of the M Night included some interviews and the release of M6 coupe and M6 convertible (with fireworks). M Chief Engineer along with another Manager from M Division provided overview and and insight on the new M6 and M6 convertible. Very cool video was shown on "Why I love working for BMW M" with interviews ranging from factory workers to engineers/designers and various other people from M sharing their thoughts.

I'll contine the story later..........
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