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Granted, I am a guy but I also have to say 'what the hell is with men's insecurity about being labeled girly'?!? Who cares! Do you really think women vehicle enthusiasts post to forums saying things like 'oh no, I really want that GT500 Mustang but won't people say its a man's car......maybe I shouldn't buy it'. Hell no, they just go buy the vehicle they want and couldn't give a rats ass if it is labeled a 'man's car'! I used to wonder why women always complained about men's insecurity with all things "girly", posts and fears like this just prove what the ladies all say. Sorry guys, but its true. If you have real confidence and security in yourself and sexuality, thoughts like this won't cross your mind. You'll buy what you want because you like it and that is all that matters. If someone wants to slap a certain label on you because of what you drive, that's their issue.........and a moronic one at that.