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Sorry for bumping an old thread, but I'm debating this with myself ... to drop or not to drop ... I dropped my E46 M3 (with coilovers), and the suspension went from stock stiff to just as stiff but also bouncy. Ride comfort went from awful to worse than awful. Hated it - plus I couldn't stand the look, could never get the rear to look "right".

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I'd rather have spacers pushing the wheels outward than a drop moving them upward.

IMO there should be equal space all around the wheel between the wheel and fender.

Since the radius of the wheel and fender is different, dropping the car such that the top is flush looks terrible.
This is a great description of how I feel dropping the car looks. I hate that when you drop the car, the radius of the wheel and radius of the fender don't "match" up.

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I'm on Dinan and it's actually a little low for me, I'm just not into the knuckle dragging look anymore...a little to race car wannabe looking. My friend with stock suspension running spacers looks better than my Dinan w/o spacers. Funny how my tastes have changed, I've had H&R, Eibach's and Dinan on my M3's but my next one will be riding stock height.
I was considering the Dinan, but after reading this, I think I'm just going to go with some MS spacers and keep the ride at stock. The stock ride comfort is so good, and the roads around here are so bad.