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Originally Posted by lenzm3edan View Post
Mods please close this thread, you are all talking about racing a G35/G37. two different cars in different class. The G series is an excellent car for it's class, if one has to prove to that an E9X is faster and is happy they beat up on a G35/37 then shame on you. I encounter alot of G35/37 and none have tried to race me.
Sorry but that was the whole point of my original post. A stock G35/37 stands no chance against the M yet, in the time I have owned the M, no other make/model has driven so aggressively around me. It is dangerous and it drives me insane. I think people should have a basic knowledge about the performance characteristics of their cars before they start driving hyper-aggressively around other people putting other motorists in danger. I am not trying to "prove" anything. I don't roll up 3 millimeters behind a 458 Italia and start revving my engine.