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I agree, a stock M3 will smoke the STI and EVO, even with the basics done. A 3450 lb AWD car with 250 WHP, stock; of course it has zero chance to keep up with a M3. Even tuned, with ALL bolt-ons, the STI will see maybe 310 WHP, maybe. Now, it pushes massive tq for a small engine (340-350 WTQ with said WHP tuned), which is useful when paired with the AWD system and the proper terrain...

But it's still a 4 cylinder in the end. Now, if you drop a GT30R, twinscroll turbo, all supporting parts and tuned with E85, you're looking at like 600+ WHP.

But we are forgetting what the STI was made for... dual purpose, aka Rally bred. Take the STI where it's home, on gravel/snow/any loose surface and of course the M3 won't keep up.
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