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Originally Posted by M3 Montreal View Post
I was about to get the Revo tune and backed out after I saw what's happening in the states. That hasn't come to Canada yet but it may be soon.

As far as the intake and exhaust... They have to be manually coded and if you go to a friendly dealer none will code them. The ECU is the only thing AOA can detect automatically.
I thought this as well regarding the intake and exhaust except there were two Audi forum members who had just intake modifications and the data logger recorded the delta from factory which produced the T10 code. I find this a bit suspect as the variations could've come from the outside environment. However it is their legal team vs. your lawyer. In the meantime you will need to spend the time and money to fight the system. Audi does make a good car except that either you accept the factory setup or loss of warranty. This will be interesting to see if this new process extends to VW and P-cars.

Since you own both vehicles what is your opinion of both? As I stated in my previous post, I really liked the S4 except it didn't offer the same emotional connection as the M3. Also the exterior styling is rather bland. Hard to tell the difference between an A4 S-line and S4 (except for the quad exhaust).