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Originally Posted by armyav8tor View Post
something's wrong with the GTR/ driver package.
Originally Posted by M3PO View Post
Yeah, I think the GT-R should be capable of low to mid 11s.
Originally Posted by MienAce View Post
something is wrong with the GTR or owner dont know how to dive it......1st gen GTR do low to mid 11s all day everday
Originally Posted by Terraforce1 View Post
GTR driver probably didn't know what he was doing
He said that once he launched, he was on full-throttle all the way through, and since the GT-R is a DCT car, I'm not quite sure exactly HOW the driver is able to muck up a straight-line acceleration.... Unless he was shifting late and hitting the fuel cut-off every gear?

His time slip is right there... does anything looks off to you guys? He's running stock-sized pretty-new Bridgestone RE070R tires.

Originally Posted by M3PO View Post
Your time seems a bit slow to me too though. I thought stock M3s ran mid 12s.
Yeah, I've been out there twice and have been looking for 12s. A month ago I was 13.1s -> 13.3s and this time I was 13.1s -> 13.0s. Keep in mind that I launched from idle and I'm using 275/35R19 Conti DWS in the rear so I'm fairly happy with my E/T. My trap speed looks to be kinda ok though?