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Originally Posted by checkmate View Post
I'm in MD too. That price is too high. To put things in perspective-I paid slightly less than that amount for a brand new 2011 M3 w/all your options except Comp Pkge and Premium sound. The car was custom ordered through NW BMW in July and had it delivered via Performance Center in SC.

Don't let the engine swap scare you-as long as its a warrantied S65 engine installed by're OK. There are some examples of brand new engine failures in this forum engine swap means nothing in the grand scheme of things. Its a 2011 so you should be good for 4yrs/50,000 mile warranty/maintenance.
Thanks for your input. There's no way I'm paying $63K for this car and if/when I make an offer, I was going to start at $58K (too high?) and go from there.

To clarify your statement, 'Its a 2011 so you should be good for 4yrs/50,000 mile warranty/maintenance.', do you mean to say the balance of the original warranty, which began in September of 2011, or that I should expect to get a full 4 yr/50,000 miles warranty on the engine alone when it was installed with the balance of the original warranty for everything else?