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Originally Posted by eisenb11;12013176
Some questions:
[*]Is the campus M3 safe? (I believe so right? I'd imagine lots of nice cars there)[*]How is parking?[*]Should I sign up for a specific lot (monthly pass) or just go for the $8 random lot daily pass when I get there?[*]There is also a "parking center" pass, what's that?[*]Are there any routes that I should avoid to get there?[*]Anything else that I need / should know?[/list]
Some extra info:
  • I'll be coming from South Bay around the El Segundo / Redondo Beach area.
  • I'll most likely (but not guaranteed) be taking night classes, they seem to go from 6:00ish to 9:00ish. Once a week, maybe twice.
  • The bulk of the classes appear to be various business disciplines and engineering.
It has been 7 years since I graduated, but I used to frequently see a GT2 and DB9 (among other nice cars) in the USC parking lots and structures. BMW 3 Series used to be pretty much the official car of USC students.

Parking Center is (or was) a bus ride away from the campus, east of the 110, but that pass may get you evening parking in the lots on campus - I think after 5:00 or 6:00, if you have a permit for any lot, you can park pretty much anywhere that's accessible at that time.

I'd recommend looking at USC's parking website as it's full of info ( Evening parking (with a permit) did not use to be a problem, though things could be different now.

Definitely don't try to sneak in, though - they were always very vigilant about that (and give big tickets).