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Originally Posted by GreeKon View Post
I'll make sure I'm there for this. If you need any help coordinating with Philly/south jersey, I'll be of service.
Thanks! Any help would be greatly appreciated. It's going to be an enormous caravan so getting this to flow right will take a lot work. Once the details are announced, I will update the thread and anyone who wants to help, feel free to let me know!

Originally Posted by akh23456 View Post
can we do exit 4 again on NJTP?
Going to be similar to the stops we did last year, however, I am going to have over 100 cars to deal with so side stops aren't going to be able to work. You'll have to meet up at one of the stops if you would like to join. I'd love to make as many stops as possible, but with the amount of cars that will be trailing... it's going to be hard to coordinate that. I'll set things up nicely so that everyone north, central, south, where ever will be able to join up.

Originally Posted by mainstray View Post
In I am!
Great! Looking forward to seeing your ride again, Ty!