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M3 on USC, parking, and other questions

I'm thinking of going to USC to get a graduate degree in engineering management and I'm trying to figure out the best commuter option for the place.

I'm leaning towards driving and parking there but wanted to see if any of you here who are at / attended/ are familiar with USC could help me out?

Forgive me if some of these questions seem obvious, as since I'm originally from Michigan, I'm still learning my way around!

Some questions:
  1. Is the campus M3 safe? (I believe so right? I'd imagine lots of nice cars there)
  2. How is parking?
  3. Should I sign up for a specific lot (monthly pass) or just go for the $8 random lot daily pass when I get there?
  4. There is also a "parking center" pass, what's that?
  5. Are there any routes that I should avoid to get there?
  6. Anything else that I need / should know?

Some extra info:
  • I'll be coming from South Bay around the El Segundo / Redondo Beach area.
  • I'll most likely (but not guaranteed) be taking night classes, they seem to go from 6:00ish to 9:00ish. Once a week, maybe twice.
  • The bulk of the classes appear to be various business disciplines and engineering.

Thanks in advance for the help!