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Originally Posted by BeamMeUp View Post
first of all being 49 years old you should know what sarcasm is... at the end of message I did say "jks" if that abbreviation is to new school for you it means joking... and as far as working hard goes yes my father did buy it for me because I too have worked hard! it was a graduation gift for getting into medical school in new york city hence my license plate MEDUSA meaning MED USA... When i contacted you it was a friendly gesture to talk about our cars which I assumed these forums were about... I just hope one day I don't see you on my operating table ;-)

It is rather annoying to see a 23 year old getting a nice car because he "graduated" Did your dad also arrange for your 'first time' - you worked hard right, you earned it???

Out of curiousity, do you have any school loans, and did your daddy buy the car cash or is this is it a lease?