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Originally Posted by 00o00 View Post
you know i give mad props to you... and i think you magazine should too... you single handedly made every one on this forum want to go out and buy the new issue!!! i don't think that should be over looked... just thought id say it hahaha good job, and i CANT WAIT!!!! hahaha:rocks:
It's entirely possible that Steve might have done some PR here, BUT I doubt that people would be excited about the issue if Steve had not established his credibility by posting level headed comments, getting his facts/details right, and backing up his conclusions with well articulated observations. If you have an excellent product like EVO (and that's a well established fact independent of this forum and the M3 reviews), there is nothing wrong with making sure that people know it's out there. In other words, it is not simply a matter of people wanting to buy EVO because they think the article will be positive, and that's what they want to hear if that's what you mean. So, give the guy a break.