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Replacing the battery - Die Hard Advanced Gold

Replaced my battery today with a Die Hard Advanced Gold battery. My original battery has been hanging on by a thread for about a month now but its been getting scary as every morning I see the low batt voltage warning popping up. So I decided to change it before I get stuck somewhere. Unfortunately, options for batteries were not plentiful around here. I could have either got OEM from the dealer, Die Hard Advanced Gold, Die Hard Gold, or Odyssey. The Die Hard Gold is not an AGM battery like the OEM so that was out. The Advanced is an AGM battery made by East Penn. Its a little bit cheaper than the Die Hard Platinums which are made by Odyssey but Sears doesn't have a Group 49 or 94R platinum. The Odyssey I was interested in was $330 from a local dealer which was almost 2x the price of the Die Hard Advanced. It did have a 5 year warranty vs the 3 year on the Die Hard but for twice the price I could buy 2 and be just as happy.

Now replacing the battery is a task that I wouldn't want to have to do often. The OEM battery weighs about 60 lbs but the Die Hard is pretty much the same. Trying to lift it out of the little well in the trunk is a bitch! Especially while trying to move all the wires out of the way. Putting it back in is even worse. I already ordered a Bav Technic tool to register the battery so that should be arriving in a week. Hopefully 1 week without registration won't have any effect on the battery which I don't expect it to.
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