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Originally Posted by twinturbo335 View Post
The Spurs are looking good right now. But they were playing against teams with no experience in the playoffs. They haven't been really challenged by any team in the playoffs yet. #8 seed Jazz.. Pretty self explanatory. They were just happy to be in the playoffs. Clippers, they are still a young team. But with CP3 being injured, that didn't help at all. Griffin doesn't have any post moves up his sleeves and all he can do is just shoot open jumpers or dunk. Jordan on the other hand is useless. All he could do is dunk.

The Spurs always had trouble against bigger teams. Memphis last year especially ZBo and Gasol tore the Spurs apart.

OKC have excellent defenders that can actually defend down low and on the perimeter. There is no one on the Spurs that can shut Durant down.
well i agree the teams they swept were below them but in the regular season they are 2-1 with OKC. With okc you have to slow them down because their half court offense is utter garbage and spurs are able to play the game at their own pace. While i do think its gonna be a good series i just don't see okc beating them 4 times, but hey i could be wrong