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Originally Posted by Erhan View Post
Shouldn't it be more like S5 vs 335xi?
I know but everyone got a 335xi, so don't want to get a common car. No disrespect to any 335xi owners. Plus I simply love M3. I drove once and the ride is extremely awesome. I mean it is like driving a real sport car

Originally Posted by Alter Peter View Post
Why don't you get a nice 3 Series xDive and add the M and or Sports options (might even save money that way). Still a cool drive. Take a test drive and check it out, remember we have to keep the ladies happy

I know what it feels like ... a few months a go I traded my 2012 MT in for a 2011 M-DCT since my wife decided to only go with one car. So I did just that only to find out 2 weeks later after getting the M-DCT that she now likes to hang on to her car. Well, it's okay now she can drive too when I take my babe for a vacation trip.

So you see you are not alone, wires are alowed to change there minds as long as we can drive what we like
You got that right brother, gotta keep them happy. Happy wife happy life.

Well I am lucky in that case she said I can get M3 but she brought up some good points about snow, price, comfort, etc. She said at last get what you love and want when you are spending that amount I don't want you to compromise.

So I am still more towards M3.

Originally Posted by Porschefile View Post
RS4 is a better comparison, the S5 is slower. But if snow driving is a concern then the quattro system in the Audi will be way better than a M3 in snow. The M3 is a more engaging car to drive than the S5 but both are great cars, the S5 has a somewhat better interior. The Audi dual clutch is pretty good but not as good as the DCT in the M3. Both cars ride well, I don't know which is more comfortable but I'd say the S5 if I had to choose.

S5 wins in snow, interior
M3 wins in fun to drive, speed, engine sound etc.
I am under the impression (please correct me if I am wrong) Even if I go with AWD and all season tires vs. RWD with winter tires. The RWD with winter tires will perform much better handling then all season AWD.

The only thing is winter tire = mucho dinero out of my pocketo.

Originally Posted by kthxbye View Post
In regards to snow, both cars will be iffy in the snow if you stay on summer tires - AWD does nothing if you can't get any traction. With what we get you'll fine in the M3 with snows on.

I live in NJ as well and went through the same dilemma as you. The car I bought had to be able to be daily driven unless the weather was extremely terrible.

I do think at first glance the Audi has a better looking interior, but after some extended seat time boy is it a handful. So many buttons, everywhere - it really becomes distracting when you need to use one of the buttons. In addition you still have an iDrive type system to manage as well.

The M3 is the everyday car for the guy who enjoys driving. A quote that stands out in many reviews is that the M3 is not really top of class in any one category, but it is consistently at about a 7 in all - very few cars can claim that.

Thank you for your input I guess everyone is going through the same phase when it comes to M3.

I also felt the same that in Audi S5 with all that buttons its just too much going on vs. M3 keeping it simple.

Originally Posted by gblansten View Post
Scotch: This thread will probably be moved to the M3 vs subforum.

There are some good threads there on the S5 vs the M3 that you might find helpful.
Sorry for posting it in wrong section and thank you for the link I will def check the other threads out.

Originally Posted by TTG View Post
I almost pulled the trigger on a S5 and thanks god I did not. The only thing that S5 has going for is the looks but I still hated the front of it. Besides that it is big, slow and nothing too special.....(oh the roof only tilts which was a disappointment for me)

In my area Audi dealers are also pretending they are selling god gift to you so got tired of dealing with them.

Get your self a nice E92 Xdrive and call it a day..... who needs to pay that much money on a over priced VW........(sorry had to say that )
Lmao @ VW

I also think that LED is so played out that now every mother effing car is rolling with LED lights makes BMW stand out even more.