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Originally Posted by Scotch M3 View Post
Ok guys! As you know I said I am set on M3 but now my lovely wife is confusing me again.

Below are the factors that will help you understand my confusion.

The next ride will be my DD (Daily Drive)
My work commute is 35 miles one way (70+ round trip plus whatever I put on weekend) Driving on I 287 (fair ride but can get B2B anytime due to no reason)
I don't think I will be doing any track days. (may be once a yr, since I do track days on my R6)

Also want to keep in mind the looks, interior, luxury, weather condition.

I am located in NJ so snow is also a factor I have to keep in mind.

M3 is RWD = oh shit in snow. (may be I am wrong)

I am not sure if S5 vs M3 is a fair comparison but I am looking at the options I have on my hand.

The 1 bigger advantage going with BMW is warranty. No maintenance for 4yr and I may go for 6yr extended plan.

I am all over the place Please help me decide. I am in no rush and I may go for F30 M3.

RS4 is a better comparison, the S5 is slower. But if snow driving is a concern then the quattro system in the Audi will be way better than a M3 in snow. The M3 is a more engaging car to drive than the S5 but both are great cars, the S5 has a somewhat better interior. The Audi dual clutch is pretty good but not as good as the DCT in the M3. Both cars ride well, I don't know which is more comfortable but I'd say the S5 if I had to choose.

S5 wins in snow, interior
M3 wins in fun to drive, speed, engine sound etc.