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Originally Posted by Soorena View Post
That's a major bummer. :/

I just watched it as it was final. It was a good match though. Specially since i wasn't fan of either teams, i was able to watch it without doing this lol. But i can't say the same thing for Bayern fans. They definitely lost some hair

The bet wasn't that great. Loser had to pay for the drinks and other stuff.
I watched it in one of the local bars in my hometown. I was more interested in the beer than in the match. But at last in the 82nd(?) BM scores...

Not a fan of both tbh(Barca fan), but at that moment I wanted BM to win, better gameplay, nice club in general and Robben(born 20 minutes driving from where I 'm born) , but the man of the match definitely was Drogba, not Robben....

Congrats Chelsea.

Tomorrow night our national team plays against BM.Something different to begin with. Robben should be a bit confused which team to choose
The EC 2012 starts within two weeks.