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Hey guys,

Newbie questions:

1. My brake fluid maintenance is due (I believe is every 2 yrs) and the dealer is charging me $200.00, so I decided to buy the bleeder kit from Bavarian Auto. I read that if I flush the system I need to replace all 4 brake pads? My car is showing like 18K left for Front and 28K for Rear...I don't track my car. Do I have to replace my brake pads also??
*I know I have to change the Microfilter everytime y flush the brakes...

2. When I flush my brakes system, I won't get any warning errors (ABS)? Just reset my maintenance warning message?

3.If the master cylinder is located in the Passenger side, I will start the flush process from RR Passenger, RR Driver, FR Passenger and FR Driver?

Thanks alot!
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